Product Detail

Toothpaste Grade

① Introduction:CMC is used mainly as thickener to prevent its solids from liquids,keep toothpaste brightness and smoothness.

② Character:

1. Make toothpaste thickness, strip shape and good frame.

2. Own good pseudoplastic and thixotropy,can be well mixed with other materials. It is easy to mixing and pumping under process. After making paste, it composes framework quickly.

3. Well-proportioned substituent distribution;Good properly of salt-tolerance,acid-tolerance and anti-enzyme.

4. Good flexibility and diffusivity,not sticky.Make toothpaste dispersin quickly when brushing teeth.

5. Keep paste stable during the shelf life, the oil and water do not separate with each other.

6. Supply different CMC with thickening and rheologic property through adjusting and controlling of the production formula for producing the diverse toothpastes.

③ Specification:

TYPE Applications Standard
HDT01M For High thickening toothpaste type QBT2318-2012
Latest Version of FCC/USP
HDT01H For Regular toothpaste and other functional toothpaste type
HDT01HA For Transparent and Semitransparent toothpaste type