Product Detail


Category Type Applications Standard
Ceramics Grade HDC03M/H Mainly used as excipient and binder in ceramic industry. Make easy for body shaping, increase the green body breaking strength, enhance its stability; Improve surface tension of glaze,prevent glaze peel off. Q/321203HDST001-2019
Textile Grade HDI01M/H Form a sheet which is sturdy and wearable with certain soft , increase the strength of the chaine and reduce the dusting-off rate under warp sizing process; Provide excellent rheoloty,good hygroscopicity and durability in textile printing process,improve finish materials‘ coloration、brightness and prolong term preservation.
Coating Grade Improve thickening efficiency and rheological property of coating.Maintain stability of coating system and coating ability.
Mosquito-repellent Incense Grade HDI03LS Used as binder, it has the characteristics of strong binder, less dosage.
Detergent Grade HDI02M/L;HDI03L Used as emulsifier and gel protection agent, effectively prevent the dirt re-deposition on the washed material,keep the textile brightness.
Welding Grade Used as binder and excipient, improve appearance quality and degree of eccentricity ,reduce the rate of breakage.