Product Detail

Papermaking Grade

① Introduction:CMC is used as wet-end additive、smoothing agent、surface-sizing agent in defiberination optimization、wet end、surface-sizing、coated preparation process.

② Character:

1. In coated preparation process:

Hansstar CMC has the function of water retention ,control the paint rheology as well as the carrier of whitening agent and flourescent brightener. 

Increase the solid content of paint and improve the coating quality;

Protect blade from being less worn and torn, and improve the coating efficiency;

Give paint pseudoplastic property under high solid content paint and high-speed coating process;

Used as auxiliary binder,provide excellent adhesion;

Improve the retention rate of the brightener in paint, increase the whiteness of the paper and improve paper hue.

2. In wet end process:

Hansstar CMC takes chemical effect with fibers to improve the paper physical strength index. Detail performance as below:

Strengthen the bonding force between fibers through chemical hydration effect,then improve the paper strength;

Promote the shaping of paper and improve the paper evenness;

Promote sizing agents to be distributed evenly on fiber surface;

Reduce production cost,some fragile fibers can be chosen for raw materials.

3. In surface sizing:

Hansstar CMC is with excellent film form and entire film transferability and also a dispersant which makes the entire sizing material or coating material enter into the stable and uniform system.Detail effects as below:

Reduce paper pore,enhance oil-resistance property;

Improve the smoothness and gloss of paper;

Improve the surface strength and wear resistance,enhance print quality.

4. In idefibrination optimization:

Hansstar CMC can enhance the lubrication property between fibers, protect the fiber from over cutting during beating process, boost fiber swell up, make the outer layer of secondary wall open easier, good fibrillation, easybeatingreduce the refining energy and save the cost. 

③ Specification

TYPE Applications Standard
HDP02M Add in all parts of Papermaking process. Q/321203HDST001-2019
HDP03M Add in coated preparation and surface sizing process.
HDP03L Add in wet-end process.