Product Detail

Food Grade

① Introduction:CMC can be used as food additive.It has the fuction of thickening, emulsifying, suspension, water retention, puffing and preservation in food. It can improve taste, promote product level and quality and prolong storage life.CMC is widely used in modern food industry such as jelly、juice、fruit jam、milk drinks、bakery food and so on.

② Application:

1. In Jelly、Juice、Jam

Provide appropriate thixotropy and cohesiveness,play role as thickening and stabilize.

2. In milk drinks

Prevent milk protein precipitation effectively,improve the taste and stabilize the protein.

3. In instant noodle

Enhance the toughness,keep good water-tolerance,reduce oil absorption.

4. In ice cream

Enhance the viscosity of mixed solution and prevent grease from floating up Prevent ice crystals precipitation,promote inflation,provide plasticity,anti-melting,improve flavor.

5. In bakery food

Increase the size of bakery food,keep smooth surface and inner honeycomb uniform.

Adjust flour reinforcement degree,prevent the surface drying.

Prevent poorly aged flour,prolong shelf life.

6. In seasonings

Regulate seasoning’s viscosity,add product taste.

Play role as emulsifier and stabilizer,improve product quality,prolong shelf life.

7. In liquid beverage

Applied in fruit drinks and vegetable juice, it can suspend fruit pulp, all kinds of solids or other objects in containers, bring them plump and uniform form and bright colors and to improve their taste.

Stabilize the beverages and extend shelf life.

8. Mixed with other stabilizers and emulsifiers

Combination with other stabilizers and emulsifiers such as guar gum、xantan gum、sodium algnate to complement each other,strengthen each oher’s effect.

③ Specification:

TYPE Applications Standard
HDF01M Normal Food Grade which is used in Ice cream,solid beverage,juice,jam,seasoning,instant noodle,meat products etc. GB1886.232-2016
Version of FCC/USP
HDF01H Anti-acid Food Grade which is used in acid food products such as latic acid beverage etc.